Muntin layouts

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We have an assortment of muntin layouts which are of practical use, they add elegance and uniqueness to windows.

Our offer:


Aluminum elements, which are available in four sizes:

  • 8mm,
  • 18mm,
  • 26mm,
  • 45mm,

These products are an element of a window set and are fixed permanently in the interglass frame. Their use is purely decorative. They came in colours that match the wood imitation veneer covering your window frame. Therefore, it is possible to satisfy the needs of customers, the more so that there is a possibility of tinting them in any colour from the RAL palette. We also offer muntins in two colours which means that the inside colour is different from the outside.

Venna muntins

These are components which imitate separate window panes, with an aluminum profile inside the whole unit. The profile divides the glass in compliance with the structure made from wooden or PVC elements. The layout of these components does not always have to be rectangular. Thanks to new technologies and the fantasy of our customers we are capable of producing interglass muntins in the shape of arc, rhombus, sunrays and other.