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Wide Range of Products

The offer of our company includes numerous products made of high-quality and solid glass. We provide a wide range of windows and accessories for them. These are materials used in many market segments. They are especially recommended when designing and building various, modern structures. Their functions affect the full satisfaction of everyone, even the most demanding customer.

Our assortment includes laminated, solar, composite and decorative glazing - in many designs, sizes and always attractive prices. By offering these solutions, we pay special attention to the needs and requirements of our clients. That is why we have also extended our range with practical distance frames and inter-pane mullions.

WWGLASS also offers:

Glaston Tempering Furnance

Tempering is a type of heat treatment of a material that involves heating the material to an appropriate temperature, then maintaining it at this temperature for the time necessary to rebuild the internal structure of the material, and then cooling it quickly enough.

Dip-tech ceramic printer

The printer allows you to print any pattern on glass.

Automated production - highest standards

with high

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