Space bars

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The spacer bars we have on offer in our insulating Glass units, have been tried for a number of years. The most commonly used is the aluminum profile. This construction is very similar to the one used in modern wooden and PVC windows in Poland in the early 90-ties. Although those windows were available much earlier, they become popular no sooner than in the 90-ties.

At present a slightly modified aluminum profile is still used in many windows produced in Poland (approximately 80% of windows). Despite the fact that there are other, more innovative and better technologies, the price will always play a key role- it has discouraged many producers of windows from using a warm frame.

On the other hand, since almost all windows had the fantastic parameters of ‘1.1’, meaning that they had , more or less, the same insulating properties, there was no need to use other, better or more practical solutions. Most of the windows produced in our country have an average coefficient of heat penetration, oscillating at around 1.4-1.5 W/m2 K. From the perspective of thermo isolation, these are rather average construction materials. Unfortunately, many producers feel that the price is more important, so there is no need to stick out and invest in better spacer bars or glass – after all the customer will buy anything on condition that it is cheap. This is where they go wrong!

Is it worth to invest in modern solutions?

What counts for us is quality and innovation! Therefore, we invest in energy control, practicality and solidity of our products. Thanks to our offer windows become better…. In our opinion the most important thing is to have a good modern window, which will fulfill the expectations of even the most demanding customer.

The present day technologies enable the production of glazing with the following spacer bars:

  • Steel ( from zinc steel),
  • Aluminum,
  • Made from synthetics or their composite,
  • Stainless steel,
  • Other spacer elements combining the function of a frame, desiccant and isolating material, e.g., the TPS technology.

Some producers want to eliminate aluminum as a material for making profiles, and they started using zinc steel instead. This solution for spacer bars has a five- fold lesser conductivity of heat that the one using aluminum.

Warm- edge spacer bars, which are growing in popularity, are profiles made from synthetics reinforced with fiberglass, and coated with a thin metal diffusion barrier. There is also a possibility of purchasing profiles made from polycarbonate with a metal coating melted into the cross-section of the wall, or thermoplastic profiles (TPS) without metal.
The below tables are from an article published by Intech on Intech presents a mathematical calculation of the properties of warm- edge spacer bars.

Wartość sumy ∑ (d·λ) dla ramek dystansowych z różnych materiałów

Materiał d1 λ1 d2 λ2 d3 λ3 ∑ (d·λ) ≤0.007 Ciepła ramka
Aluminium 0.00038 160 0.00038 160 0.12160 -0.1146 NIE
Stal 0.00040 50 0.00040 50 0.04000 -0.0330 NIE
Stal nierdzewna 0.00020 17 0.00020 17 0.00680 +0.0002 TAK
Tworzywo sztuczne 0.00020 17 0.00020 17 0.00680 +0.0002 TAK