Decorative glass

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Decorative glass has a special place in our assortment. One of our products is ornamental glass which can be transparent or tinted in mass. This partially transparent glass is obtained through the process of pressing molten glass between two cylinders. One of these cylinders has an engraved pattern which is imprinted on the surface of the glass in the process of pressing. Decorative glass is ideal for interior decorating as it both diffuse light and ensures privacy. There is a wide range of patterns in our offer.

These can be matched to the décor of many apartments and other interiors.

  • Partition walls, folding or sliding,
  • Glass doors,
  • Shower cabins,
  • Bath shields,
  • Furniture,
  • Indoor and outdoor barriers,
  • Elements of landscaping.

Thanks to decorative glass interiors are optically bigger, because of the pleasantly defused light. We can create an intimate climate in our homes by separating ourselves from undesired attention from outside.

We offer this solution because of many possibilities of creating elegant additions to different styles, classical as well as modern.